Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st- the day of walking (alot)

I guess the video didnt load. I will show everyone the video(s) when I get home in July! So we took the funicular up Mount Floyen (the o should have a line through it). A funicular is basically a train made to go straight up a mountain. Mount Floyen is the highest point of Bergen. Yep.... so then we climbed down it. Ramsey Park (in Redwood Falls) is nothing compared to what we walked today. Twisting and turning steep down is hard on the knees people! But we got to watch a lot of schools and daycares trying to keep lots of little Norwegians from falling down the steep mountain. While the language is different, little kids whining and screaming is a universal "I don't want to do this anymore" or "he's touching me!" The rest of the day we walked around town and saw a botanical garden, street musicians, and had a great supper talking with locals about America and how we are looking for our heritage.

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  1. I LOVE that the kids are whining and crying over there as well...sometimes I feel that it's only my kids in class! I have been reading all of your posts..I LOVE THEM! Keep it up! I'm so proud of you! Say 'hi' to your mom for me! :)