Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13-14th Futbal mania and the great bike ride

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Love them. Got up slowly, ate late. Bente was off for her trip and Mortin drove me around town showing me how I was to get to and from work. Also saw the town's cathedral (main touristy thing) and learned the history of the city. Sunday afternoon I just watched some American tv on the internet. Nice to hear English for a bit! Then Martin was off to his soccer game and we went to watch Kristin's game. Seriously I feel like a soccer aunt? guest? big sister? I watched Martin's game on Saturday and Sunday I watched Kristin's. I have never watched a whole soccer game in my life so this is all interesting. Can I just say the world here is Futbal crazy!!! World cup being watched and talked about all the time, posters on the walls, etc. Ohh and one interesting difference. The kids teams are through area athletic clubs, not associated with schools.

Monday morning meant a bike ride to work. All the way down a mountain. And it was only like 40 F yesterday morning. I was so cold. The bike killed my favorite pair of jeans. Holes right through them. I have decided the nickname Mortin has given me fits: "prairie girl" I am so not used to these hills!

Got to the office in one piece and noticed--all men. Other than Lisbeth, Bente (who wasnt here), and me all men! I got my assignments for the week and got to work. Lunch time: I wish I could have taped this experience. The team takes turns on who is in charge of lunch. So there is food covering this table and everyone just digs in. The men just throw the cheese and meat across the room to pass the food! Craziness.

The reason I rode the bike at all to get to work was that Lisbeth wanted to take me around the area and introduce me to her family. "Its only a 8K" THAT IS LIKE 5 MILES! All uphill. So anyway not only I'm I used to any kind of hills, this mountain did my asthma in. So needless to say, I'm glad I dont have to ride bike anytime soon. Lisbeth's family was very nice and we had dinner together. One of her daughters was throwing a surprise party for her dad because he coached her soccer team. The daughter Marin, made up the best reason ever to get him to come down for the surprise. It's so good I'm not telling in case I want to throw a surprise party someday.

Picture 1- Kristin and Martin being silly
Picture 2- Ellen and me, I stayed with her in Oslo

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