Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 22nd- A big meeting and new housing

So the day started out with my big 2 hour meeting. I presented my thoughts on their current website, asked them questions regarding thought processes on certain things and presented guidance and reasons for a new layout and image structure for Sim Optima. I also taught them about the various social medias (youtube, twitter, company blogging) and how and why to use each. I explained that each are going to have their own goals and objectives for their use. Can I just say, I thought Petter (70 years old) was just off in his own world while I was talking about Twitter. Turns out he said later that he hadnt learned so much in 2 hours for a very long time. I also showed the company my ideas for their future image and packaging their products. Really good, productive meeting. Lots of positive feedback. :)

After lunch had a few new things to research and think about for them before we left to bring Ellen to the bus stop. When I got home I had to pack. Holy cow you stay at a place for over a week and you totally have to re-pack EVERYTHING. Ahh....Around 9 we left for Bente's niece Anita's house. (Anita and Bente are only 8 years apart) Anita and Neils got out treats and coffee for us to get to know each other. Their house is beautiful, Anita is a great decorator. The view....I will get pictures by tomorrow. Indescribable. My room is nice, little more girly then the soccer posters and stuffed animals. ;) Their boys came home later. Close to the same ages as my sister and I. Sondre is 22 and home for the summer. Peder just turned 19 and just out of high school. Both are very nice, respectful, mature guys. Sondre is studying law at the University in Lillehammer. Anita has a closet full of shoes.....Paris runway sort of shoes. I get giddy just looking at them. I hope they are in my size!

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