Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3rd- Oslo tourists

Really. We were soooo touristy today. We had maps out all the time, looked a little confused, and had our heads going in every direction. For the most part, the stress of the night before had vanished and I was excited to show Mom a city I have spent time in before. We got up and dressed and bought our Oslo Pass (72 hr) before 9:30. Then into town using the same frequent path from 2 years ago. Once to the main area, we went to the tourist information center to find a place to buy me a cell phone. Since I will be here for a few weeks, I feel it will be necessary to have one- to contact the people I will be staying with, in case I get lost, etc. I have a Euro cell phone number people! Its crazy. 4 two digit numbers.

Then we get on a ferry that took us over to an island that had the Folk Museum and the Viking Ship Museum. The Folk museum was HUGE! Really old buidings from around the country gathered in one place. Buildings from the 1500-1900 were there to explore and see how our ancestors once lived. They has sessions on weaving and other traditional crafts. They set up the one part like a Norwegian town from the 1800(?). Too cute.

We had lunch there (really good salads) and bought ice cream. The weather was incredible today! NO HUMIDITY PEOPLE. So probably in the 80s but it sure didnt feel like it! So sunny, sky clear. You could tell it was the kind of day Norwegians live for in the summer. We walked to the Viking Ship museum so I could show mom. I had been there before so we walked through in like 10 minutes. The Oslo Pass gets you in free everywhere, free metro travel, etc. Great card.

Ferry back to the mainland and we walked over to the Castle. Much easier to walk up the cobblestone hill in the summer versus January. View great. We also went to the Norwegian Resistance Museum (the WWII Norwegian part of the war). Hitler thought that the Allies were going to use Norway for their go-between to the rest of Euro so he wanted to destroy it or control it first. What a weirdo. Anyway- every culture seems to have a sad WWII story.

After a rest in the park, we walked to the area of town I know really well. It seems we always met there, etc when I was here last. That was comforting to see an area I knew really well. We found an interesting place to eat for dinner before heading back to the hostel. (We are fine with the hostel- we are sad ALL the hotels under $900 a night were booked though)

After resting a bit, the German girls, Eva and Laura and I decided to try to see the lights come turn on at the National Theater. No light yet (never gets dark!) but we walked around the harbor and chatted. This guy from Palestine asked for a picture, couldnt really understand me, but he was studying in Spain where Laura's family lives. So yep, a Spanish, German, and American girl walking around together is a lot of languages to throw out. It was easier for me to understand his Spanish!

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