Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things I have noticed

Ok the picture: This was the street the Oslo office was located on--any other Harry Potter geeks notice the Tom Riddle/Voldemort tie together! haha I'm a totally HP freak.

Only been here 2.5 weeks but here are some things I have noticed about the land of Norsk.

Fashion trend: females are all wearing a white to off-white shirt with navy horizontal strips. Ellen thinks that will never go out of style. Norway is so connected to their navy heritage. I have a shirt like this, I should have brought it!

Burger King:
not only are the prices at least 3X then America, but the places have two floors! Laura, Eva, and I sat on the 2nd floor where the kids play place was along with lots of tables.

Toilet seats:
they are skinnier then American ones. I have finally gotten used to that feeling. Before I always thought I was going to fall in! haha.

Not important to most Norwegians because (I have asked) the government runs the church. There is no personal relationship, no community feeling of a church family. The feeling they get when they go to church is more governmental, if that makes sense. I find that so sad.

Amount of food: I swear I eat a third of the calories I eat in the US on a given day. I haven't been "full" since I got here. I get hungry almost every two hours! Sometimes I buy an ice cream or chocolate bar just for more calories. They eat so healthy! Going grocery shopping: all produce, dairy, and grains. I doubt anything was processed. Update: I'm getting used to not eating as much. Not as hungry as often anymore which is nice. I still sometimes go buy something fun though!

Steps into/out of rooms:
To get into any room in a house or business you have to step into the room and step out of the room. Very annoying. I'm finally not stubbing my toes anymore!

Nature lovers:
Norwegians culture is to be in nature as much as possible. The kids are walking on their own or riding a bike at a very young age. You are never the only one on a walk in the forest or streets. Weekend activities for the communities are set up to get the family active and outdoors. They exercise (outside) at least once a day with some activity. To get home from work, some change into exercise gear and run/ride home.

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