Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My walk today

In Norway, breaks mean go take a long walk in the fresh air. I had two today

My first was to go back to the cell phone place and of course the second I got there everything magically worked. Of course.

Second walk: Decided to try a new part of town. Remember Sim Optima's location? Well I'm surrounded by the "rich" part of town. The exteriors of buildings are just incredible (of course I forgot my camera) and the shops hold the most beautiful, astronomically prized clothing and accessories. Fun to look anyway. Then I got to all the Embassys. I have been to the US embassy on my last trip here. The rest look NOTHING like ours. Ours is a black fortress close to the royal palace. It screams "don't come it, dont even look at us." Well, it also feels super safe once inside.

Walking down a nice neighborhood, I find that China is neighbors to Italy who is neighbors with Korea. Chile's across the street. These mansions are fun and gorgeous with lots of character. I saw some Chinese diplomat talking on the phone in the front yard.

Folk costumes: The lady described the use of folk clothing unlike any other country. Their was a few centuries in which Norway was extremely aware of how they dressed. The embroidery meant something, how to wear the pieces, which pieces of accessories to wear, etc. Today the costumers find a time and place to wear them. Baptizing, confirmations, weddings, but mostly May 17th (their Independence Day). Ellen has a picture of her niece in the room I'm in from her confirmation in the traditional dress. You can come into this shop and pick the fabrics, the ribbon, the thread, etc. The ladies will measure and custom fit the dress. Sometimes people bring in a old pillow or something with a nice embroidery and they are able to use the pattern into the newer dress. Isn't it fascinating!?

Nothing too exciting with work stuff today. But after work Ellen took me to a resturant by the Castle (Fortress) and met her networking group. Nice ladies. Tomorrow is a big work day (I get to play a bit as well) so I had better get ready!

The pictures: The royal palaces ponds have sooo many ducks. Mallards are my dad's favorite. This pics for you dad! The second is a picture of the office I work at this week.

Let me know if there is anything you want to know about my trip, Norway, etc. I'm totally open. I have lots of free time to answer questions!

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  1. I would like to know about how the elderly or disabled live there: assistive living facilities/nursing homes. And how do they walk on all those crazy cobblestones and do all the steep hills?