Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5th- Mom goes home, hanging with the roomies

Yesterday was another big day in Oslo.

Ate breakfast at the hostel and got Mom packed up. We took the T-bane (subway) to the Central Station and found our way to the flytoget Express airport train. Gave Mom and few hugs and watched the train leave. Thanks for coming with me mom!! I love you!

Now I was on my own for a bit. I bought a snack and walked around before getting back on the t-bane to meet my German roommates for our afternoon plans.

We went back up the mountain to go to the ski museum. This is the future site of the 2011 World Skiing Championship. There is construction everywhere trying to get ready for the event. The museum is the oldest ski museum in the world. The ski lovers in my life would have just gone crazy here. So I took lots of pictures for them. They had skis dated 600 AD. That is nuts! The best part was they had a ski simulator. I got to pretend I was a skier in the Torino 2006 Olympics. First was the Ski Jump. Amazing. it is so quick. When you watch on tv, it seems they are in the air much longer. You felt your feet leave the ground off the jump and then they hit the floor again when he landed. Crazy cool. Next was the downhill. I thought I was going to be sick by the end. They are going so fast! I could barely see, your feet really feel like when you are skiing: pressure on one foot, then the other. You flew when they flew, you landed when they landed. I had to close my eyes for awhile because the movement with the visual was too much. I seriously was nauseous for like 45 mins after that.

Because of all the construction, we got lost trying to find the bus stop. Lots more hills and walking. We then heard of a music festival that was going on in a city park so we went and sat with half of Norway! Soooo many people there! We mostly went because Eva loves the tv show, Euro song contest. The Norwegian in the contest was singing there. He sang Everything by Michael Buble. Ok, it was horrible compared to Michael. Eva didnt agree with me. haha.

They REALLY wanted to eat at Burger King for dinner. At that point I was too tired to care where we ate. So one hamburger, fries, pop was 43 Kr. That is 3X or more what I spend in the states.

Back to the hostel and we played card games. We taught each other our card games. Interesting. I think I will describe then in another post.

Before bed we got on the topic of 9/11. interesting to discuss with Europeans.

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