Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10th- Work and botanical garden

Today started with a meeting with Hanna at 8 followed by working solidly on my presentation until 2:30. I just set up a place to work, put in the headphones, and go go go! I knew I wanted to see the botanical gardens before I left town so I'm glad I finished the presentation in time for me to get back to Ellen's, get my stuff together and go. A tried taking the "short way" ended up getting lost a bit, but eventually made it there no problem. I should learn to just take the way I KNOW to go! haha.

Its beautiful! I felt a little silly walking around by myself so I took a friend along- Pounder. Pounder was a perfect gift given to me before I left. The pictures are my creative way of taking pictures without me being in them. As least I think they are cute. They had so many kinds of plants. They had a tropical greenhouses, rock gardens, scent walk, for those who may not be able to see, but smell. Amazing colors, sizes, variety. So peaceful. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been walking with someone just to chat with and comment together on the plants. But Pounder and I still had a good time. :)

I made us dinner of pasta and meat sauce. The hamburger is a little different here. In texture or something. Still good, just something is a little different.

Tonight is prepping for the presentation tomorrow, and packing. I fly to Trondheim tomorrow!! This will be a brand new city, experiences, etc. Super excited to see the city, experience the Midnight Sun, and learn about 2 new families! Ohh yeah, new jobs to do too!

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