Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21- A misadventure? followed by nice dinner

Interesting day. Ellen, Bente, and I got up to meet Petter (the leader of the Lillehammer games who I met in Jan 08 in Lillehammer) who was one of the founding members of Sim Optima. He remembered our class this 2.5 years later! Nice older guy.

They had a meeting and I did final prep for my presentation. That afternoon I left early to go meet up with a neighbor of Bente's who invited me to this picture taking type club. Can I just say....GO ME. I try everything people bring up for me to try, to eat, activities, etc. Ok, back to the topic. Luckily this lady started talking to me at the bus stop that this bus stop is on summer hours now and not in service. She got me to the right bus station. After meeting Jonathon (the neighbor boy) downtown we met up with this group.

Ok weird. First off, these people only knew each other online and were meeting for the first time. Second, in the 2 or so hours I spent with them I was a model, held reflectors, and overall felt like not-a-norwegian-youth. This one guy kept trying to touch me-creeper! And the other 3 people were all just a bit off you know? Anyway I did get some good pictures and left them to do a project I have been waiting for decent weather to do. Bente later asked if I regretted accepting his offer to tag along: I dont think so. I always appreciate new experiences, but this one could have been better.

The doors in Trondheim are world famous. They are all over 200 years old and have varying bright colors and designs on them. I had to start getting pictures of them. They are just amazing. There are certain streets I didnt have time to walk down, so this project of mine will continue. Serious- google Trondheim doors look at images

So at 7 I was to meet up with the Sim Optima group for a nice dinner. Great conversations, great tappas (lots of little courses for us to try new things), great people. I tried EVERYTHING- including anchovies, Italian spicy sausage, chicken cooked in rosemary with paprika and sweet onion (my favorite dish), tomatoes with special stuff, oysters, lots of weird tasting cheese, and hard liquor ice cream for dessert. My.... after 2 huge glasses on wine and then liquor ice cream.....Ill just leave it at that.

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