Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8th- half day work/half play

Off to work this morning and I finished getting my thoughts together and presentation ready. By 9 Hannah and Ellen were listening to my plan for their future presentation.

It went well! They were very impressed and used my "new" eyes to work on their concept further. I'm really happy they liked it, I feel it will be a good model for their customized presentation. Now my job is to prepare the models in the powerpoints, make sure the English sounds correct, and prepare a more marketing type version for the internet. This is all by Friday.

Both Hannah and Ellen had meetings all afternoon and when Ellen heard I had not been to the National Gallery yet, so told me to take the afternoon off and see the art. It was really nice...I walked myself back to the apartment, figured out how to get there and walked there no problem. In the museum there are guards everywhere, sensors if you get too close (really loud!), and ropes so you don't walk to close to the art. Other then that, I love art and it felt amazing to see art you know have been looked at, some for hundreds of years! The most famous painting, Munch's "Scream" was in a Munch room full of his art. The painting is just incredible. There is nothing like seeing a painting in person...you see the watermarks, the damage from over the years, how he originally painted it. The canvas was nailed to a wood background so the paint goes off the edges unto that. The museum kept the wooden frame around one side so we could all see that. The rest of the art was great too, but that one...there is a reason Munch is so famous.

After the museum it was nice to just walk slowly through that area of town, looking in stores, just wandering. Got back to the apartment and talked on Skype. Then went and got myself a pizza (weird peperoni!) Now time for a glass of wine with Ellen and get work stuff ready for tomorrow! Great day!

Here are a few pictures of Ellen's apartment. My bed which is shorter then I am! and her super cute dining room.

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