Friday, June 18, 2010

June 17th-18th America and Strategic Planning

At lunch on Thursday, the one conversation I knew I would have eventually but dreaded happened: American politics. I hate politics. Then as an American I always have this need to explain....I don't know why we do some things we do. One thing I learned: we just think differently. I left early (ready for this next presentation as I'm ever going to be) and came home to a dog and cat quite eager to see me. Troya just wants attention and love and Ambo just begs for food all the time. I have been here a week and they already expect so much from me! haha.

Bente came home from London!! We went to the store because I was making dinner: American style burgers (or at least Lussenden style). I mixed the meat, fried onions, and everyone loved them! "This is the best part of America"- Martin (age 13) haha

After dinner before cleaning up I told them about lunch, and then started the topic again. Now however, both have lived in the US. So they have a greater understanding of how we think. Bente spent a year of high school in US and took US history so she really understood. Interesting discussion into how we each think- and how we are programmed to think.

Friday Bente and I were at the office and I finished up a little side project while she was in a meeting. Then we left to pick up Messay a new Ethiopian immigrant to Norway. They met through a mutual friend: their kids are from Ethiopia so it made since for them to meet. He is 29, super nice, and knows 3 languages and learning Norwegian. Came back to the office and I got to show Bente what I have been working on for them: their new social media strategy and thoughts on their website, image, and future growth. She liked it alot! We are preparing for a communication strategy meeting that is Monday and Tuesday.

Came home early...Bente and Mortin have a friend's bday party to go to, so we are going to make homemade pizza for dinner. Messay had never made homemade pizza before and was really excited to learn. So we made bbq chicken pizza, really good! Then we went for a walk, followed by a great skype, and relaxation. Looking forward to a great weekend!

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