Monday, June 7, 2010

June 6-7: Relaxing and first day of Internship!

Yesterday I got a day of sitting! Sitting was so nice after walking so much all week. Laura and Eva (German roommates) checked out and I sat in the tv room and was on the computer almost all day. Got some reading done, skyping, etc. Really nice to just relax for a bit.

Ellen came around 5:00 and took me back to her apartment. She is a nice, hardworking 60(?) year old woman. I have my own room and we share the bathroom. The living areas are really quaint! Super cute. Ellen then took me out to dinner and grocery shopping. I got to do a load of laundry! (This will be a whole post later I think). We chatted and when she heard I had ancestors my family was looking for she got out a program on her computer. We found my great grandma Clara! And my mom's cousin Tim. otherwise no such luck. I gave her a bottle of wine from Morgan, MN and she was really happy. Then I got ready for bed.

6:45 is early when you haven't had to do that for a long time! Walked to work and the location of Sim Optima is a great story itself. Just behind the Royal Palace, directly across the street from the Prime Minister's house and the King's guest house lies on the second floor- Sim Optima. Along with like 7 other small companies. Its really cute, they all seem to be the same company- their own floor work culture. We unloaded the floors dishwasher, and made coffee before the others got there. Hannah shares the office with Ellen and she is really nice as well. She works for a company called Soulutions (yes I spelt Solutions the way she likes it spelt).

My job (in oslo): Create an engaging, interactive presentation for a new management training concept in a collaborative venture between Sim Optima and Soulutions. After learning about Sim Optima and all their practices I had a meeting with Hannah and Ellen about my project and they explained their concept to me. I got it right away. I think they were both surprised. It made total since to me! Anyway now I'm creating a Power Point presentation to be given to 40-50 year old, highly educated managers of various companies.

(everyone was interested in the American in the building....I got introduced to everyone!)

After work Ellen got a call that 2 dear friends of hers was having supper and asked if I wanted to go! Duh. Her friends are really nice and one was Norway's National Alpine Ski Champion for 3 years in the 70s! haha she is still so embarrassed that she gets recognized sometimes.

After I finish this post I have to get my presentation ready for work tomorrow!

The picture is from a few days ago, but I wanted to highlight the always entertaining street performers!

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