Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 11-12th- Onto Trondheim!

Friday morning I got up slowly and finished packing. Then I went into the office and did one last look over my presentation and ideas. Then I gave the presentation, and everything went really well. They liked my ideas and how they can customize the presentation per client. Then it was back to Ellen's to grab my stuff for my flight.

Bente couldn't make it so I made the journey on my own. One 50 min bus ride, followed by a 50 min flight, followed by another 30 minute bus ride and I was there. Bente and her son Martin picked me up at the bus station and we went and grabbed the pizza they ordered for dinner. The city center is so cute. I love the wooden colorful buildings and and view of the fjord.

Right away I felt completely welcome by the family and their house is so nice. It has wood covering the walls, like some of the cabins around my lake back home. Martin is kind enough to lend me his room so I have my own room and bathroom.

Family: Morten and Bente and their two kids, Martin (13) and Kristin (9, "almost 10")

After pizza Bente and I took their dog, Troya (not sure on spelling) for a walk around a lake their house is near. The view of the lake and forest is just amazing. Next time I must bring my camera. After the walk the family was just hanging out and I taught Martin a card game and he taught me the Norwegian numbers 1-10.

Saturday morning I woke around 8. Geez sleeping in is never going to be my thing. After a cup of coffee, Bente and I took Troya for another walk. A longer walk. Holy cow I'm still out of shape walk. People: I jogged. No joke. Bit for a bit but still. I know....I'm still shocked. The view again was just amazing and I'm not allowed to leave the house without a camera. Ok funniest thing I have ever seen. Sheep. All over. In the summer, their owners let them out. They roam on their own. Their were families of sheep out for strolls on the public paths like the rest of us! Too funny. Bente says they just go back home in the fall. Amazing. Troya is bred to be a herder so she was really excited the few times we saw the sheep on the paths.

Errands came after breakfast. Looking for new chairs, curtains, few cloths for Kristin. We also saw Bente's office where I will be working and went to half of Martin's soccer game. Great to experience a town from that angle. Through all that I got a transportation pass, a map of the city for when I inevitably get lost, and some more cash. Productive day!

We then had to get ready for Mortin's concert! He is in a choir group that was having their 10 year anniversary and had a special concert with costumes, acting, little dancing. We all got dressed up (felt good to curl my hair again) and left for the concert. It was so fun! Such animated faces! They had a soloist on My Funny Valentine and ohh man she was fantastic. Such emotion.

After the concert was the choir party which Bente and I got to attend. That is another great way to experience a country. haha It was fun and everyone was so happy their concert went well. Great food and drinks!

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