Monday, June 28, 2010

June 25th-27th- Weekend on the coast

Longest blog ever guys, sorry. Don't read if you dont want to. I even know to not write too much....but I want to this time.

Friday: left around 5. Short trip to the ferry boat. We got to the ferry site and everyone else seemed to have the same idea as we did. The line to the ferry was long. When a ferry comes every 20 mins we still had to wait over an hour. On the ferry I tried traditional "ferry food" - svele. Really yummy. After the ferry came a little over an hour drive on the island of Lysoa.

Their place is fantastic. The ocean is only about 100 feet away from the house. The place is what we think of Norway: the wood, the rosemaling, the old style beds. I loved it. That night we waited for Bente's best friend Ingeborg and her family (Leidulf, Ingrid, and Lars) to arrive while making dinner. One late dinner and chatting later it was after one. I had no clue with the sun never setting!

Saturday morning: time to meet my maker- the freezing ocean water. I promised to "jump" in the water with the others. After breakfast, Martin, Bente, Ingeborg, and me suited up and the whole crew was there to hear and see our reactions. Sioux Falls Ploar Plunge has nothing on this. The air temp was only 10 C (50 F) and the water only 8 C (46F) but it felt like my inner organs were freezing. We went in up to our necks and back twice!!! Hot shower wasn't enough for my shaking legs.

Saturday afternoon we went out on the boat. George Lake has nothing on the Atlantic. The waves, the fjords= amazing. We docked the boat and went grocery shopping for the evening meal. Afterward we boated back over to the mainland and docked at the farm of Ingeborg's friend. We were served carrot cake and coffee. Then we visited the cow farm that they and 2 other families run. I have seen my cow farms before, so nothing too new for me there. Their "large" cow farm run by 3 families is about the same amount of cows for one cow farm family at home. Back to the boat and to the cottage for grilling! I was recruited to make "American hamburgers" again and enjoyed doing that. I swear these people don't know a good hamburger! All you have to do is make the patties yourself. They think hamburgers come from frozen patties: no no I say. Fried onions of mine were a hit as well. We had potatoes, salad, pork, and fruit. We thought for sure we would have enough food for two meals: WE ATE ALL OF IT. We even ate a whole bag of marshmallows (roasted of course) for dessert. After dinner was a game of Gin Rummy, lots of wine (ohh boy), and music.

Sunday morning late fried egg and bacon sandwich breakfast. I guess this is a truly typical Sunday breakfast. Off for a new adventure. I can not put into adequate paragraphs, sentences, or words the beauty and magical feelings of Adsen. We docked and set off for the top of the island where a lighthouse is located. The view reminds me of the tourist magazines- perfect shots. The fjords, skaer (tiny islands), and ocean sounds. We then set off to visit the other side of the island....I rock hiked people. The island is a giant rock essentially covered in thick grasses, wildflowers, and moss. I felt like the end of the Sound of Music where they climb over the Alps. Great feeling. The other side of the island somehow (i have no idea how) had an even better view. The others just laid down and began to chat. I went to sit by myself and enjoy my private view and sounds of the ocean, contemplate the vastness of the world and God's wonderful gift of nature the human population clearly doesn't deserve a majority of the time. This was the perfect Norwegian moment I was looking/hoping/praying to have while here. I can go home in peace after that island experience. Great people to share the experience with as well. Picture one shows the island: the lighthouse we climbed to, the fjords, the bottom of the island. Picture two is Bente and me!

After getting back from the island it was time to close up the cottage. Process pretty much like closing our cabin for the weekend. The way home was a bit different. We decided to take a smaller ferry located on the other side of the island. The ride was prettier- the fjords, the villages.

Great weekend, wish the temperature was a bit warmer but still overall wonderful! :)

Things I learned: I'm old (told by two 13 and a 15 year old.) Seriously, at 22?
There are public boat docking spots
The Jack, Queen, and King in a deck of cards has different
letters in the corners
There are many fjords with only one structure on them
(who wants to live all alone?)

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