Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4th- More Oslo sites

Anyone getting sick of me yet?

Today we used the great Oslo Pass. Mom and I think we haven't paid for anything except food during our time in Oslo! In Oslo = get the 72 hr Oslo pass!

The four of us (Laura and Eva) went to the harbor this morning to use a free cruise we get on the Oslo pass. It is an genuine old wooden sailing rig boat. It started at city hall, went to their Opera House (see picture), and around some of the close fjords, to the museum island and back. Our roommates got off for the museums but mom and I stayed on for the whole thing.

Then we went to the highest point in Oslo (using metro and bus lines). It was devaju from 2.5 years ago--if Lisa, Kelly, or Jackie are reading this---it was the shop we rented our sleds at!! (Those of you who are uninformed: when the hill is closed due to ice, don't try to go sledding anyway) So Mom and I did the 10 min hike down to Frognerseteren. Guess what my International Public Relations class buddies: in the summer the view is even better! Mom and I grabbed lunch there and ate outside with the entire view of Norway to look at. We both had fish of some kind.

Once down again we went to the Royal Palace. The guide book says tours in June- late June people. So no tour but we could walk the grounds. Beautiful fountains and huge trees, plus guards watching you all the time! hehe. We then got really lost.

By the time we got back to City Hall our feet, ankles, hips, etc all just killed. We think we have walked at least 4 miles a day since getting to Norway. City Hall was interesting, weird art on the walls I must say. Then we just sat at the harbor and watched street performers and people digging in the garbage for bottles and cans. I mean multiple people!

The Oslo Peace Prize Center is across the street from where we are sitting so we decide to go. Its free with the pass! I had been there before so I could show Mom to the better places inside.

We decided to eat at TGI Fridays. I know, its American, but we are tired and hurt so don't pick on us too bad. We got a 20% discount there with the pass! To be fair the "American food" didn't really taste or look American. We shared a couple of appetizers and made the trek back to the hostel.

Skype is a beautiful thing everyone. You should all have it if you are away from loved ones.

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