Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 15-16th Beauty of nature and public transit

Tuesday got to work, eventually. haha ohh lets just say timing is everything. Left a little early to go have a look in the city center for a coat that can handle rain and wind. Everyone around here has the same brand of a coat- Bergens. Adorable patterns, looks super comfortable while blocks all the wind, rain, etc. Well I got looking for one of these coats thinking it would really be nice to not be cold and wet all the time. These coats are........AT LEAST $200 US dollars! No joke. At least....some upwards of $400. Needless to say, I borrowed a raincoat from Lisbeth. I guess $60 for a coat in the US doesnt seem so crazy now.

Last night the guys were watching the World Cup and Hannah Montana and various other Disney type voices could be heard from Kristin and her friends. So I went for a walk with Troya. I had done the path around the lake with Bente before and had forgotten my camera for the beauty of that walk. So this time I was prepared. It was nice having a companion to walk with, even if she stopped to sniff every plant, animal dropping, and other dogs along the path. Once I got home I had cramps in both caffs (spelling?)! Must have been a good walk.

Today made it to work no problem. :) Getting the hang of public transit is awesome. I like to blend in with everyone else going about their daily routine. Only female in the office again today as Lisbeth is now away on business. After work I relaxed and once the kids got home I was in charge for the night.

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