Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Bergen style

I didnt want to post 2 days worth of stuff, so here is what we did on the 31st.

Sad story: so I brought my sleep mate to Norway. Anyone who has has a sleepover with me, in my family, my roommates, etc know that is how I sleep. Well....Adam told me not to bring it. I did. And it started on fire. Well smoking. I'm so sad. I had had that thing almost my whole life! It is how I sleep well. So the next 6 weeks will be interesting. It also shorted out our entire room. Luckily it doesnt get dark here!

Woke up around 8 (that is about 13-14 hours of sleep) and got ready and ate at this cute bakery on Bryggen Steet (that is the street in my last post). It was called Bakers Brun and we had their cinnamon buns. We then bought our tickets for the White Lady, a ship that took us on a 4 hour tour of the fjords.

The tour was just incredible. Almost no words can really describe what we saw. Look at the video for more scenes.

When we first got on board before we even took off we met an Indian family that had 3 cute kids, one a little one year old boy. Super cute. Just when we took off the family stands up and goes crazy. Their baby had a seizure luckily there was a doctor on board and the ship turned around with ambulance waiting to take the family to the hospital. By the time we got back to shore the baby was fine, family still very worried.

The tour was great. Met people from Canada, England, Australia, Armenia, other Americans, and Norwegians. All great to talk to while seeing beautiful fjords. I really suggest to people to take a fjord tour in their life. What once was a glacier, now rock is just amazing.

Went shopping when we got back. The street vendors sell the good stuff at a great price compared to the stores. I talked to a designer of one of the Norwegian wear brands. She told me how she creates her designs. She takes the old traditional designs from each area, and combines them to create an updated version of their traditional patterns. I thought that was really amazing. I got a super warm pair of gloves. In one of the shops I also got the matching earrings to the necklace I love that I bought on my first visit to Norway.

Found a great restaurant a local on the tour this morning suggested to us. It was nice to try Norwegian food.

Bought breakfast for tomorrow and stole wi-fi. What a great day! Hope your Memorial Day was great back home as well!

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