Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Introduction

Hey everyone. For the past few years in college I have heard from just about everyone that I needed to start a blog to be productive in the Communication world. Well, I didnt really have much to write about before this point.

My Norway story:

Hi, my name is Joy Lussenden. I'm a recent Augustana College graduate (Go Augie!) and I am now entering the world as a full fledged adult. I have had a dream to live in Norway since I went there with my J-term class in January 2008. I felt that Norway and I were not finished with each other. And so I started down many paths to get my dream. To those who are Fulbright scholars, I applaud you. My application took 5 months to complete and was then followed by 3 sets of interviews to have my research project denied by the Norwegian government. By that time, I no longer wished to be out of the country for 10 months. I was now looking for a shorter stint in Norway. I looked into a semester at a college, since college is free, but I just am not up for more schooling at this point of my life. After the winter Olympics, a wonderful women name Bente from Sim Optima came to Professor Nitz's classes to discuss her company and the roles good communicators make in their company and for their clients (Olympics, World Cup, etc). I told her I would love an internship.

Guess what: it finally happened... almost a year after I started my Fulbright application I will be in Norway.

My Adventure Abroad:

My Mom and I are traveling for one week before I start my internship at Sim Optima. On Saturday we are flying through Iceland (a big risk for us!) on the way to Bergen. This is one city I always wished to visit. We are doing fjord tours, along with the regular touristy stuff. We are then doing the Norway in a Nutshell trip to Oslo which will take all day. Trains, bus, boat, bus, train. It will be great! Then in Oslo I will show my mom my favorite sites from my first visit along with experiencing new things. Mom leaves me June 5th as I get ready to stay with a host family and start my new job in Norway!

Get ready for 5.5 weeks of posts on Norway, working in Norway, customs, and life as young adult. When I come back to the states in July, I start a full time job at Spark letterpress in Sioux Falls. Life is exciting and I want to share show of my experiences! Please comment and let me know what you would like to see/hear about!

P.S. Pray for fun and safety. Thanks.


  1. I am the lucky one to go with you for the first part of the trip, thanks for asking me to come with you!

  2. Hope you two have landed safely and enjoying the beauty of Norway.