Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting to Norway

Hey everyone! Mom and I made it! Here is a bit of what happened yesterday:

Arrived super early to the airport thinking long lines. In Humphrey terminal there is hardly anyone! So no line for tickets, no line for security. So we got to sit at our gate for 3 hours. The flight was only 5.5 hours to Iceland. I tried sleeping (and failed) and was heavily medicated when entering the Reykjavik airport. Just so you all know, Iceland looks like nothing is there. I know that isnt true, but seriously when landing it looked like only grass grew there. We didnt see any volcanic activity, but when taking off an hour later I did see where dried lava was running or currently running into the ocean. Landing in Norway was beautiful. I wish I took a video of what landing in Bergen is like.

We got our luggage and took an 90kr ($18) bus ride to our stop. From there we had a long walk with 50 lb luggage uphill on cobblestone. (yes, with no sleep on top of it) We are staying at the Skiven Guest House. The family lives upstairs and downstairs there are 4 rooms and we all share a bathroom and kitchen. All the other people we have met are also American. Nice place.

After dropping off our stuff we were starving so we found a hot dog stand. GROSS!!! Bad idea, but we ate them anyway. We found the Tourist Info place and exchanged money and learned about different things to do in the city.

After that we found the "real" Bergen, the stuff from the pictures. The World Heritage protected area. The picture above is the street that was the medieval Bergen from 1100 something. We took this picture as we were about to walk down the famous avenue. After walking around awhile we realized that we could just about fall over from being so tired. So we went to a Narvesen (convenience store) and bought what I ate last time I was in Norway: Grandiosa pizza and Got Morgen yogurt. We were both asleep by 7:00.

Funny story: Because it never gets dark here, I woke up and looked at Mom's watch. 9:30 I thought I had slept 15 hours. I got out of bed to go use the bathroom and the other guests looked like they were getting ready for bed. I ask what time it was to realize it was 9:30 at night. Anyway mom and I thought we had been asleep for 25 hours before we got up again to ask what day it was. Jet-lag sucks people.

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  1. It sounds super exciting. I love to read about what you are doing. Lavonne