Friday, July 2, 2010

June 30th and July 1st- work work and party

So Wednesday and Thursday have me preparing for Friday's big meeting to go over my Communication Plan for Sim Optima with the group. But after a long days work, you have to relax a bit right?

Wednesday, Sondre and I rented a movie (Alice in Wonderland: 2d not 3D) and made cupcakes. Then we all sat down (Anita, Neils, Sondre, and me) for the movie. Good movie...would have been cooler in 3D I think. Anyway it was a relaxing chill night.

Thursday morning....locked myself in the bathroom, again. I swear the locks/key system they have in Norway is American proof. The whole time I have been here I seemed to get locked in the bathroom with each and every lock at least once. Luckily Neils helped me out. Long day at work. But party. We stayed at the office and had snacks and drinks (yep alcohol, at work) and chatted before Bente led us all in an activity. The activity was The Marshmallow Challenge. If you want to learn what we did, go to All I say it is a challenge you are supposed to fail. The two companies used it as a way to access and learn why they need to work together. One had the technology, the other has the way of teaching others how to use it. Then a maxi taxi picked us all up and drove us to Tulla Fisher. Yep, same restaurant as the last company meal. The chef is Lisbeth's son. Some of the same tappas as last time, others new. I liked the ousters this time. Really good sauce and spices, etc. The guys with a few got so loud last night! Hopefully I was able to keep up with them most of the time.

Bente and I both left our phones at work, really smart we are. So the lack of communication was a challenge for the both of us.

Ok this afternoon (like 6 am your time)I give my presentation I have been working on for weeks. Things to be discussed: their new communication plan (written by me), template and structure for their case studies, thoughts about website layouts and content, and tape their new video "about us" section. Here I go!

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