Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 5th-6th Chiropractor and Eclipse

So I haven't told many people this, but my right shoulder has some severe pain going on. I tried not to show it, but eventually the ladies at work noticed my shoulder. I at first thought I had slept wrong or something and it would go away, but the pain only got worse. So I gave in and let them make me an appt. The chiropractor, Sonja, will forever in my head be called "Helga." Think of every stereotypical Scandinavian woman you know. She wrote on my back with pen and then said "I fix you now." That was right before she elbowed me very hard in the shoulder. I couldn't breathe the pain was so bad. I did get the shoulder adjusted.... and it hurt worse. The next morning it felt a bit better, but I can't wait to see my own chiropractor.

Anyway, that was a cultural experience to say the least.....and 500kr!!! Gross

Tuesday I set out for downtown to do a bit of last shopping. Bought stuff for my girls and family(s). Then Bente picked me up and we went grocery shopping for lunch. Lunch at the office (i kinda have already described this) is that someone is in charge for the week. The person buys the lunch food, hard boils eggs, and sets the table. So we bought all the food we normally eat, and got the food ready. All of us sit down together for lunch. I think this concept should be brought to America. We would eat healthier and be less stressed.

After work it was back home to make pancakes for dinner. "Egg" pancakes as they are called in my house- "Dutch" pancakes as they are called at Adam's house. Amazing. Then Peder and I left for Eclipse-- "Yes, I'm a guy here, and no I'M NOT GAY"- he spoke loudly before the movie started. haha. It was good. The book felt more epic to me I think.

Today is Wednesday.....3 days from home!

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