Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Money! the Norwegian Kroner

The norwegian kroner is the country's currency and the money I currently have in my purse.

The exchange rate is currently $1 US = 6.4 N kr. I have to take the kr price and divide by 6 to get an approximate amount of the product.

Lots of coins! As you can see in the picture there is (left to right):
.5 kr, 1 kr, 5 kr, 10 kr, and 20 kr
The bills go up to 1000 but I didnt have that bill at the time.

Everything here is sooooo expensive compared to US. Compared to anywhere actually. Even Norwegians think so. They are taxed so heavily as well. Clothing at certain stores can be around the same prices (except for jackets!) and fees to get into museums/etc are around my average thought of a tourist price. But, prices on the same items can vary greatly so you need to be aware of the best place to buy your chosen item.

Example: Go Morgan----my absolute favorite food in Norway. Its a yogurt with granola or cereal you dump in. At the grocery store it averages 10 kr ($1.5). At a convenience store: 15-20 kr ($2-3.5). Now that I know this information I only buy this at the grocery store.

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