Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 9th-10th- Home and final thoughts

I warn you all.....I havent slept more then 5 hrs and a quick nap as I write this Norway blog.

My last day consisted of showing off last documents, emailing the ladies everything I have worked on, and saying somewhat awkward goodbyes to the men in office.

That night we had an epic salad and grilled out with the neighbors across the street whom I have gotten to know during my time there. It was nice to take a walk after dinner and relax a bit before trying to sleep.

Woke up at 6 ready to get going for the day. After a 30 car ride, 3 flights, layovers, and customs, I got to see my Adam waiting at the gate. Best moment. Ok, cheesy yes, but I don't care.

Final thoughts about travel and Norway:

Can I put a price on an international experience?
Sure you can. Flights, trains, buses, taxi, hotels, food, museums, etc.
But what is the price tag amount of learning a new culture, understanding your OWN culture better, learning a lot about yourself, trying new things, testing your mental and physical strengths, meeting wonderful people, and finding/feeling more accomplished, experienced, and cultured.

I can't stress enough the greatness and beauty of this world. Everyone thinking differently, having a different customs, yet smiles and hugs are universal.

PLEASE, experience the world. Go, See, Do. To those scared of travel: you can do it. The accomplishment you will feel is worth it. Language scares you? Well as native English speakers, we are in luck. It is understood almost everywhere. Plus, learning new words and phrases are fun.

It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well seeing something in person is worth a billion. The wonder and beauty of this world just amazes me everytime I travel.

Things I wouldn't have experienced without these 6 weeks:
*seen 2 world heritage sights
*climbed a couple mountains
*took a dip in the ocean (freezing)
*corrected documents for the IOC
*wrote an entire comm plan for an intl company
*learned to count to 10 in Norwegian
*Did intl travel alone
*done a ski simulator
*was a part of having a car onto a ferry
*boating on the ocean
*learned 2 cities transit systems
*rode a motorcycle
*drove a motorcycle
*learned to like salmon
*challenged my belief systems

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