Monday, July 5, 2010

July 3rd-4th- 4th of July weekend: Norway style

Saturday- woke up late (well they did) and had a brunch around noon. Then it was completely a typical day....because it was warm and sunny (summer!) we washed their 2 cars, inside and out. Peder had a bit too much fun with the sprayer. Then I just suggested that I wanted a ride on Peder's scooter (big enough to be called a motorcycle) and off we went. Holy cow....sorry Mom! I never got that experience when I was younger, so it had to be done. SO MUCH FUN....AND SOMETIMES SCARY. Then yep, I had to try driving it. I didnt want to, they all made me. I probably only went like 20 ft. but that was enough. Then we went to Neils family summer cottage. The whole family was there. We had coffee and chatted. The little kids are too cute! They all love Neils and he had 5 little kids on top of him at one point. Back for grocery shopping (for the 4th!) and then Peder and I made a couple pizzas and watched New Moon. Yep, thats right: a guy's guy can watch Twilight and not die. We are planning on going to Eclipse so he needed to watch New Moon first.

After the movie--- A night I will never forget. I dont know how to describe this night....nor should I online. Here are a few words..... A bar/disco with old school music (BSB!), dancing, a boat (well two boats), a Russian, a drunk skipper, a walk through town, and a taxi with Pedere's parents also just leaving their party for the night. All home around 3:45. After more pizza, and crash.

Sunday (4th of July)- After all our late night, it was a late start. Ok first off, I have inherited an amazing family here in Trondheim. They wanted me to have my 4th of July so they asked what I usually did and they helped me to recreate it (minus fireworks...totally illegal). Around 1 we all left for Munkholmen (the island in the fjord which over the last 1000 years had been a monastery, a prison, and in WWII was occupied by Germans). It was wonderful to walk around, put feet in the water, go a ferry to get there (my boating for the 4th), and play around with everyone. Took a tour of the fortress and in dome structure there was the best singing area. So Mortin told me to sing something. I whipped out the National Anthem! Great for the 4th right? Mortin hummed the harmony. So much fun.

Grilling! Time for more burgers! I made sooooooooo many patties! I recruited Sondre to help so now he has the skills required to pass on the tradition. Kristin put out the Norwegian flag for me ("same colors") and we had a great dinner. Wii time afterwards...watching Kristin box is probably one of the cutest things ever. She did better than Peder I think. I got to try on Bente's bunad (Norwegian national costumes) They are chosen by family location, name, etc. So by looking at them you can tell something about the person. So much fun to try that on. They wear bunads for May 17th, their national holiday.

Great final weekend here!

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