Friday, July 9, 2010

July 7-8th- Hike of all hikes and a good bye dinner

Wednesday: I got up and already knew I was taking at least a half day off. When Anita woke up she suggested we go for a "walk." Ok, so I got the day off work and we set out. This walk.....lasted 4 hrs, was mostly through the Trondheim forest and up a mountain. Like holding onto tress to keep climbing up. It was awesome. For the most part, it was just the two of us in the forest with only the occasional passerby. The top of the mountain is called Geitfjellet (Goat Mountain). Check out the view on my facebook video I posted. We just sat at the top for awhile, eating our packed lunch and soaking in the amazingness of the view. Then it was time to come back down. All in all, our feet hurt, our muscles hated us, one killer blister on my toe, and I was starving.

FYI: A fanny pack is only cool when you are going on the hike of all hikes and need something to hold your water bottle so you dont faint of dehydration. so there.

After dinner it was time to pack, watch a bit of the world cup game (ok, not really....the buzzing drives me crazy!), and chat with Anita and Nils, and Peder.

Thursday: I had to say goodbye to Anita and Nils as they are leaving for a trip to Oslo. We thanked each other and hope to see you again stuff. Very nice.

Work had me finishing all documents, going over the English in some documents, and talking with their web provider to ensure my new website layout happens.

Dinner: After work I moved back to Bente's house as Nils and Anita were leaving on a trip. The official good-byes have started. First Sondre, then Nils and Anita. Around 8 we went to Agon restaurant which is located 74 meters in the air in their radio/tv tower. The restaurant......moves! Designed after the Seattle Needle, the restaurant takes one hour to spin all the way around. Amazing view of the city as well. People present: Bente and Mortin, Martin and Kristin, Lisbeth and her daughter. Really cool experience.

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