Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 2nd- Great meeting and Getting homesick

Meeting day! I got to work and did some final details. By the way.. it was the first actually summer feeling day. So we had the meeting outside. My left arm got burnt. You should see me.....completely white from lack of sun and one red (splotchy) arm. Ok my meeting: AWESOME. I really feel like 4 years of college and internships and jobs and hard work means that I truly knew how to give this company a great new communication and explain it to them in a holistic unifying way. They understood me, knew why I suggested each task, overall wonderful. College does make you smart. No joke. And now I have tasks and goals for my last week there with them.

Ok I can say this now that I'm a week from coming home: I miss America, my family, my boyfriend, food, English speaking, etc. I have been having so much fun, learning so much, and meeting wonderful people. But as Dorothy says "There's no place like home."

Friday night Neils and Anita had some friends of their over for some grilling and socializing. Later Sondre drove me around and showed me a few touristy things I hadnt gotten a chance to see yet. Super nice guy. But of course my camera (mom's camera) would lose its battery power only 3 pictures into my tour. Ohh well, at least I got to see more.

Picture one: its like 11:30 at night and we decided to drive around. It was starting to rain, that is why it was dark....not because it was 11:30 at night. haha. This is a harbor shot from a really cool old bridge.

Picture two: Sondre demonstrating the machine where you load your bike, pay some money, and it can take you and your bike up a really steep hill.

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